Shoe-A-Rooney Full Episode 22:33 Liv and Maddie Shoe-A-Rooney Maddie falls in love with a pair of heels and refuses to take them off.
Dodge-A-Rooney Full Episode 22:33 Liv and Maddie Dodge-A-Rooney Liv decides to volunteer at the senior center with Maddie.
Slump-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 23:33 Liv and Maddie Slump-A-Rooney Maddie and Willow are excited for softball, but Willow is in a slump.
Sweet 16-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 22:18 Liv and Maddie Sweet 16-A-Rooney Maddie and Liv try to plan a party together.


Voltage 10:12 Liv and Maddie Voltage See a special episode of Liv Rooney's series Voltage! Clip