Triangle-A-Rooney Full Episode 23:33 Liv and Maddie Triangle-A-Rooney Liv and Holden share a moment during rehearsal.
Video-A-Rooney Full Episode 23:33 Liv and Maddie Video-A-Rooney Liv and her band can't agree on their new music video.
Champ-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 22:33 Liv and Maddie Champ-A-Rooney Before leaving, Diggie must tell Maddie how he feels.
SPARF-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 23:03 Liv and Maddie SPARF-A-Rooney Liv tries to help Andie get over her breakup.
Flashback-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 23:33 Liv and Maddie Flashback-A-Rooney Maddie hopes to try out for the Junior Olympic basketball team.
Brain-A-Rooney Full EpisodeLocked 23:18 Liv and Maddie Brain-A-Rooney Liv wants to be on Joey's Brain Olympics team.